Home of mountains, waterfalls, untouched forests, abundant wildlife, and agro-tourism

There are various tours to suit your adventurous spirit

Excursion to Samlot

Explore the majestic sunflower fields, the famous pepper plantations, the cardamom mountains, waterfalls and river rapids.

Trekking & Adventure

The mountains offer some of Cambodia’s most picturesque and peaceful nature. It is worth of a trip. The nature and the residents are beautiful.

Other Tour Options

Pailin and the surrounding areas have a multitude of sights and sounds to experience. We have many other options for you to choose.

Phnom Sampov

Many carvings can be found here, and a series of steps leads to the temples at the summit which offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Wat Banon

Wat Banon, like many Angkor era temples, is situated on top of a hill with a commanding view of the surrounding countryside.

Kamping Puoy Lake

The lake was a gigantic civil-engineering project build by the Khmer Rouge in order to to irrigate the countryside around Battambang.